#HDL : Bramin,Shudra…………I don’t care

If I were to pinpoint the most foolish innovation of evolved human mind, it would be caste system.

Don’t take me wrong. I don’t imply caste system is the worst evil. I consider slavery, racism, kafir to be even more despicable notions. To enslave someone as property because he or she is of a darker color is sign of savagery. It doesn’t qualify to be even termed ‘human’.

Similarly to believe that people who refuse to believe in my book, my concepts, my prophet are kafirs or worst of creatures or will go to hell, again is brutal tribal mindset. It does not represent evolved thinking. Thus what USA was doing before 1865 or what Al Qaeda and Taliban mindset is doing even today, does not even come under purview of “evolved human mind”. These are just animal behavior.

So if I were to restrict myself to more “refined” set of innovations, caste system stands miles above all. A mathematically flawed, unverifiable, prejudiced concept that has no logical basis whatsoever as well as is against Vedas – the source of Hinduism. Yet, this foolish innovation has contributed the most to damage of the otherwise glorious culture of this great land. Instead of being a wolf that brutally attacks, it has been like a vampire that sucks away the blood while we remain asleep.

I have already written in length on how this foolish innovation is against the very tenets of Vedas – the source-book of Hinduism. I have also discussed how this has been the prime culprit for our slavery and all atrocities we have faced as a society or country. And how this is the greatest stigma on the brilliant face of our civilization. (refer http://agniveer.com/the-reality-of-caste-system/ )

In this article, we would look at a few inherent flaws in the basic premise of caste system.

1. Caste system necessarily segregates each human into one of the 4 buckets – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra. This is like a multiple choice question set by a naive.

It does not have an option to choose anything beyond the 4 irrelevant choices. Further there is penalty of becoming outcaste if you dare to do so. Hence, an irrational answer is chosen as per whims of the decision maker.

(original article here : http://agniveer.com/caste-i-dont-care/ )

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