Muslim group hides behind hijab to promote Islam at high school : ★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #HDL #1001Gifts #DevyaniHumiliated

 And not just any Muslim group but the Muslim Brotherhood-founded MSA (Muslim Student Association) that has been quietly creeping up in high schools across America. h/t Halalporkshop who refers to this as Sneaky Dawah/Hijab Awareness/Islamophobia Day. Indeed.

via Natomas Students Promote Hijab Awareness.

Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep High School’s Muslim Student Associationhosted a Hijab Day on Thursday.

The educational event held Dec. 12 was organized to raise awareness about the the Hijab, the head covering worn by Muslim women.

MSA currently has 15 core members. The Hijab Day event, however, was spearheaded by a handful of 12th grade girls focusing on Islamophobia for their senior project. Islamophobia is the fear of people who practice the religion of Islam.

Is fleeing the Muslim world to escape a shitty life under Islamic rule Islamophobia too? What will happen to these pawns if they refuse an arranged marriage back in the homeland?


How the Term “Islamophobia” Got Shoved Down Your Throat

The ‘Islamophobia’ myth

Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future

“Definition of ‘Islamophobia’ is circular, a violation of logic”

Stereotypes about Islam prompted MSA club members to educate their NP3 peers that women are not oppressed by, or forced to, wear the Hijab.hijab2

More than 100 girls participated in the event by wearing a Hijab for the day. Boys were given necklaces with written messages about the Hijab.

“I was amazed by the turnout and am thankful for all the people that participated in the event,” says Samantha Masters, who has been wearing a Hijab for her senior project for nine week, an experience she said was difficult at first but easier now.

The MSA Club plans to have more events after winter break.

A little diversity is in order. How about a Hijab-free/Islam-free Week on campuses across the U.S. Oh that’s right, diversity is a one-way street in Islam…and might lead to deadly consequences for these girls.

Elsewhere in the ever-Islamizing West, A teenage girl police believe was beaten at home was forced to hide her facial injuries behind a burqa, while members of the Muslim community are alleged to have hushed up the abuse.


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