Akhilesh’s mullah appeasement ! Public money siphoned out in fake Madarsas ★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #HDL #DevyaniHumiliated #WhySoBiased


In a major blow to the Uttar Pradesh Government appeasement policy, nearly 118 Madarsas are existing only on papers in 22 districts of the State.

A news report on a news channel said that people have started different business on the addresses booked for Madarsas in State Government records and causing a loss of crores to the State exchequer.

During investigation it was found that people are running grocery shops, beauty parlours among others things in the places booked for Madarsas.

It is also reported that 65 per cent share of the fund allotted for the maintenance of Madarsas goes to Minority Welfare Department officials and remaining 35 per cent is taken away by the Madarsa owners.

What is worrying news is that thousands Madarsas are active in Uttar Pradesh which are funded by the State Government thus wasting honest tax-payers’ money.

Meanwhile, State Government has ordered inquiry into the matter.


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