Saudi Grand Mosque hate-preaching Wahhabi imam denied entry to UK ★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #NaMoInKashi

Saudi Grand Mosque hate-preaching Wahhabi imam denied entry to the UK

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TMI: Saudi imam Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani, who thinks he is more powerful and significant than president Obama, is denied visa to the UK. Intolerant against Shiites and encourage Sunni’s to view them as infidels, he is also intolerant against non-Muslims in general. The imam refused to allow places of worship for Christians in Saudi Arabia. “No visitor to a country can demand that it changes its rules”, he says about non-Muslims, while he demand the complete opposite for Muslims wherever they go in the world because the whole world belongs to Allah and Muslims can therefore pray anywhere.


Saudi Grand Mosque imam denied entry to the UK

By Courtney Trenwith

Arabian Business, Thursday, 19 December 2013

One of Islam’s highest ranked imams has claimed he was refused entry to the UK and prevented from boarding a plane.

The former imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah – the religion’s holiest mosque – Sheikh Adel Al Kalbani said he was stopped at King Khaled International Airport in the capital Riyadh despite having a UK visa issued in October by the British Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

“I was stopped at the door of the plane and told that the authorities received a message from the British Embassy saying that I was not allowed to enter Britain,” Al Kalbani told Arab News.

“I don’t really know why they denied me entry. I was in Britain about four years ago and other countries.”

Al Kalbani said he received no explanation why he was no longer allowed to enter the European country.

He had planned to visit the British Muslim community, which had arranged a series of events for him to meet people in various UK cities, including London.

“I was told that other Muslim scholars have also been denied entry and had their visas cancelled. My gut feeling is that they don’t want to see me interacting with the Muslim community there,” he was quoted as saying.

He said he would not re-apply for a UK visa.


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