BULGARIA: One country that isn’t rolling over to Muslim demands★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #Congress BJP RSS

BULGARIA: One country that isn’t rolling over to Muslim demands

A Bulgarian court has rejected the request for the Hamza Bey mosque to be returned to the Muslims in the region. In fact, from the looks of things, Bulgaria is making itself downright inhospitable to Muslims already there as a deterrent to more Muslims who may be thinking of moving there.

CLOSED. They should turn it into a church or a nice indoor skiing rink.

CLOSED. They should turn it into a church or a nice indoor ice skating rink.

World Bulletin  The case requesting the return of Hamza Bey mosque to the head of the Bulgarian Islamic Affairs has been rejected by the Stara Zagora country court in Bulgaria. This was one of the many cases that head of the Bulgarian Islamic Affairs has opened against the Bulgarian government for the foundation properties that were seized during the communist era.

The Hamza Bey mosque, which was built in 1409, is the only remaining Ottoman landmark in Stara Zagora. It has remained closed since the communist period.

In other mosque news, a fire broke out at a mosque this week which has repeatedly been attacked, causing serious damage to the roof in coastal Bulgarian city Varna. The fire which erupted in the morning was extinguished by fire fighting crews.

Noting the mosque had been attacked several times in the past, the Office of Bulgarian Islamic Affairs head Ahmed Ahmedov referred to how the attackers broke windows, drew swastikas, and wrote racist slogans escaped justice as investigations remain inconclusive. The office noted that nationalist blocks have stepped up their aggressive acts against local and foreign Muslims amid the recent influx of Arab and African refugees in the country.














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