‘Deny Ram Sene permission to enter Goa’★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #Congress BJP RSS

Panaji, Dec 21: Youth Congress activists took out a morcha to the Secretariat on Friday demanding that the government should deny permission to Sri Ram Sene for setting up its branch in Goa.


A memorandum listing out reasons why Sri Ram Sene should not be allowed entry in the state was submitted by a Youth Congress delegation led by its president Valanka Alemao, to the chief secretary B Vijayan on Friday.

They have asked the government to make a statement by January 11 2014 denying entry to the Sene. If the government failed to stop the Sene’s entry into Goa, then it would be clear that the BJP wants to polarize voters for the Lok Sabha polls, Valanka said.

Valanka said that the Congress government, when Ravi Naik was the home minister, had denied permission and hoped that the Parrikar government would do so to maintain peace and harmony in Goa.


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