A Collection of Racists, Liars and Anti-Semites: Nuke These SOB’s★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #NaMoInMumbai J&K Muzaffarnagar

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by, Carl in Jerusalem | Israel Matzav

In a Russian Television segment that was played repeatedly on television and on the internet, UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk has once again accused Israel of being ‘genocidal.’


Let’s go to the videotape:


That video is an incredible collection of anti-Semites and nut cases. UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer adds:

Falk uses his imprimatur as a UN official to make the grievously false accusation that Israel is acting with “genocidal intent” and perpetrating a “Holocaust.”

If Israel really is “genocidal,” it only follows logically that Falk will justify violence against Israelis, as he did in arecent blog post, berating “demands by Israel that Palestinians renounce violence” while Israel “sustains a structure of occupation and oppression.”

It’s time for the the U.S. to at least attempt to remove the 9/11 conspiracy theorist and Hamas supporter from his post—and to eliminate his prejudicial and outdated Human Rights Council mandate.

UN Watch today sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging him to condemn Falk. When the name of the world body is misused to promote specious canards—and as an odious warrant for terrorism—the UN chief has a moral duty to speak out.

But the truth is that Falk, like other Human Rights Council appointees, answers only to the U.S. and the 46 other member states of the UNHRC. In this case, the buck does not stop with Ban Ki-moon; it stops with Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the UN. That is why I have urged her, in a UN Watch letter sent today, to take action.

(You can do it too, by clicking here to send Ambassador Power a message.)

Read the whole thing.


And to think that Russia Today interviewed me nearly four years ago. I haven’t seen anything this anti-Semitic on the web from a non-Nazi website in a long time.


Editorial Footnote: I could easily disprove every lie in the video above.

The evidence?  Well, here are just a few:

In the video, the claim is made that:

1.  Israel is responsible for the sewage in the streets of Gaza.  (LIE)

Truth:  Egypt admittedly shut off the power plant to the sewage facility and if you read my ‘Editorial Footnote’ at the link below, you will see where I wrote a month ago: ‘..I guarantee you before this is over Israel gets blamed for it in the media..’

Just look for yourself:  Read this article and watch the video HERE.

2.  Israel is responsible for the living conditions of the ‘Palestinians.’  (LIE)

Truth:  Read this article and watch this video here from an “EX- Palestinian Rights Activist”

3.  Israel uses violence against the Palestinians.  (LIE)

Truth:  Read this article HERE.

4.  Israel is trying to eliminate the Palestinians.  (LIE)

Truth:  Read this article HERE.

5.  Israel is taking land and resources from the Palestinians.  (LIE)

Truth: Israel was giving the Palestinian Authority (which is run by the terrorist organization Hamas) construction supplies to build new homes, hospitals, schools, etc.  Israel gave them (for FREE) plywood board, concrete, construction equipment, etc.  Hamas took these materials and used them to build underground tunnels into Israel to smuggle in suicide bombers to murder Jewish children.  Hamas did not use the supplies to construct even one house, not one school nor one hospital.  You can read the story HERE.  (In Al Jazeera) An Islamic News Site.


Do you really want to know the truth about ‘Palestine?’  Watch this video:

Hamas Leader Reveals Where the ‘Palestinians’ Came From:


source:  http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2013/12/and-again-richard-falk-calls-israel.html

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