‘Britain First’ fight the growing scourge of Muslim Pedophile Grooming Gangs ★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #NaMoInMumbai J&K Muzaffarnagar

‘Britain First’ fight the growing scourge of Muslim Paedophile Grooming Gangs that force young non-Muslim girls into sexual slavery

sex_trafficking_child_victims1-e13629853785041In towns and cities all over Britain, there is a hidden problem of Muslim paedophile gangs targeting underage non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation. This problem is called ‘grooming’.

Britain First  The Sikh, black and local English communities have all spoken out about this disgusting but largely ignored problem! As of yet, the police and media have been extremely reluctant to take action for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ – the innocence of children is being sacrificed on the high altar of ‘political correctness’.


The grooming of children for sexual exploitation is alwayswrong no matter what community the abusers belong to.

Young English girls are described as ‘Easy Meat’ by these Islamic beasts…we need to speak out, now! In grooming hotspots, such as Bradford, Luton, East London, Birmingham, and many more, groups of Muslim men lure young white English girls (some as young as 12!) with cash, alcohol, drugs, meals and mobile phone credit and coerce them into a nightmare world of sexual exploitation.


I am sure that, like me, you are disgusted by the media coverage of the problem of Muslim grooming over the last few months in virtually every newspaper in Britain. A headline in the Daily Mail reads: “Sex gang groomed girls of 13: Asian men accused of luring teens and turning them into prostitutes.” Of course, these girls were nearly all young, white and English.


Ask yourself right now: Is this the country that we have worked and fought for? Is this the country you want your children and grandchildren growing up in? Well, if you and I do nothing, this is exactly the world we will leave to our children!

Grooming is happening right NOW in towns and cities across Britain. Girls are being exploited right NOW in your town, or a town near you. This problem could one day catch up with your children…no one is safe from this evil, and it will only get worse!

Imagine if your young daughter was being abused and groomed for sexual exploitation by a Muslim gang? How would YOU feel? Enough of whinging and moaning, the question is:



Britain First is outraged that the media and the politicians are desperately trying to hush this evil up because they don’t want any negative coverage impacting on their beloved ‘multicultural’ society.

With your help, we can mount a truly formidable campaign to alert the public and shame the establishment lackeys.


Re-produced above is our new “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” brochure – we will get thousands of these printed and dispatch them to Britain First members, activists and supporters nationwide.

We will get this brochure onto every major high street in Britain and to every single councillor, MP, MEP, MSP and assembly member in Britain, as well as to the home addresses of the editors of the major media outlets.

Targeting Muslim leaders across the country, grooming is their problem so they are responsible. But best of all, we will send this brochure and campaign pack to hundreds of Muslim community leaders nationwide demanding they address the problem!

By raising the £5,000 needed, we can strike a mortal blow against the most despicable evil that has ever reared its ugly head in Britain. Remember your £10 buys 83 brochures…£50 allows us to print another 420…so your £££ are converted into weapons of truth that will expose the evil of grooming!

Now is the time to join the fight!

Britain First website


Please CLICK HERE to view a PDF file of our new “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” brochure.

Please CLICK HERE to be taken to our secure donation page (you can also donate via PayPal by visiting this link).


















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