Muslims get 15-year prison terms for “well-researched” plan for jihad terror★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #NaMoInMumbai J&k Muzaffarnagar

Alabama: Muslims get 15-year prison terms for “well-researched” plan for jihad terror

RasheedWilson.jpgRasheed Wilson
The judge noted that they showed no remorse. And why should they? They no doubt still believe that they were doing the right thing in serving Allah. “Alabama men convicted on terrorism charges get 15-year prison terms,” by Kaija Wilkinson for Reuters, December 20 (thanks to Kenneth):

MOBILE, Alabama (Reuters) – Two men accused of plotting to wage violent holy war overseas were sentenced to 15 years in prison each on Friday by a federal judge in Alabama who said their lack of remorse made it likely they would conspire to commit such acts again.Randy “Rasheed” Wilson and Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair got the maximum punishment after pleading guilty earlier this year to charges of conspiring to provide “material support to terrorists.”

U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose said she pored over hundreds of hours of recorded conversations and emails between Wilson and Abukhdair and concluded they had conceived a “well-researched plan” to support jihad. They also spoke of killing Americans to further their cause, the judge said.

The men were in the process of putting their plan into motion when they bought airplane tickets to Morocco and were trying to leave the country when they were arrested in separate locations in Georgia in December 2012, DuBose said at the hearing in Mobile.

“Most people in this courtroom support people’s right to have whatever beliefs they want,” she said. “But when a religion requires you to murder, that is crossing the line.”

One would think. But to say so would be “Islamophobic.”


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