‘Muslims think we are fools and hide texts to not scare non-Muslims’★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #NaMoInMumbai J&K Muzaffarnagar

“We are witnessing a criminal disinformation [on the dangers of Islam]“

Anne-Marie Delcambre was born on June 26, 1943. She knows the Qur’an, Hadith and Sirath inside out. In fact, she basically knows it by heart. She obtained a Phd in Islamic studies at the Sorbonne in France and is a French Islamologist. She is also the author of many books on Islam that were translated into several languages.

It is interesting to note that although Anne-Marie Delcambre is an expert on Islam, she has never been invited on talk shows or TV, or to debate with Muslim scholars. If you plan a media debate on Islam we encourage you to contact Mrs Delcambre.

(Select captions for English subtitles)


TRANSCRIPT from clip:

{1200}{1305} I would like to speak about something that is very important to many Muslims.
{1305}{1337} It concerns what I would call the imitation
{1337}{1379} of the Prophet, thank you, the Hadiths.
{1379}{1415} Because there is the Qur’an,
{1415}{1456} but there are also the Hadiths.
{1456}{1546} They are large collections by well-known people
{1546}{1597} such as Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawud,
{1597}{1666} Jami At-Tirmidhi, etc. In these Hadiths,
{1666}{1727} we can find precisely what is hidden from us.
{1727}{1788} That is, when the Muslims tell you,
{1788}{1812} “But it’s not in the Qur’an”;
{1812}{1855} it’s, however, in the Hadiths,
{1855}{1972} which are narrations about the behavior of the Prophet.
{1972}{2026} Then I would ask you,
{2026}{2095} “Why do they hide  from us all these collections,
{2095}{2190} these traditions, these Hadiths, which, in the Muslim countries, are studied
{2190}{2270} but truly studied.”; Well, I must tell you
{2270}{2359} that if they hide from us the second source because it’s very
{2359}{2420} important. They say in the Qur’an you have in
{2420}{2465} my Messenger a beautiful model, "Ye have
{2465}{2496} in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful
{2496}{2548} example of conduct," Surah 33, Verse 21.
{2548}{2602} Then you have "who obeys the Prophet,
{2602}{2671} obeys God." It’s in the Surah 4, Verse 80.
{2671}{2741} Well, the Hadiths are hidden from us
{2741}{2791} because it shows the true face of Islam,
{2791}{2873} a face that the West can’t accept without
{2873}{2910} laughing or without shaking in fear.
{2910}{2942} I really say without laughing:
{2942}{3017} first because it’s quite funny—it’s very
{3017}{3044} far from our understanding.
{3044}{3116} When for example when the Prophet, the Messenger of God,
{3116}{3212} says, "When one satisfies a natural need
{3212}{3245} (i.e., he has to poop or pee),
{3245}{3335} he shouldn’t do it in the direction of Mecca (Kaaba)
{3335}{3395} and shouldn’t turn his back either."
{3396}{3481} The tradition says, "Turn either towards the east or
{3481}{3562} the west (Bukhari, Volume 4, Chapter 11).
{3562}{3601} At this point, one may think it would be better to use a compass
{3601}{3671} to take a squat. But there are other traditions.
{3671}{3726} The Prophet says, “When one of you takes a pee,
{3726}{3776} he shouldn’t hold his penis (his wee-wee)
{3776}{3849} with his right hand; he shouldn’t wipe his ass with
{3849}{3918} his right hand; neither should he breathe while drinking from a vase.
{3918}{4004} This is in Bukhari, Book 4, Chapter 19.
{4004}{4045} But this is vulgar, cut it out!
{4045}{4106} Wait, I will continue a little more. According to
{4106}{4145} Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet said,
{4145}{4213} ;”When one performs his ablutions,
{4213}{4268} one should reject the water inhaled through the nostrils…
{4268}{4347} and when one wipes his ass with pebbles, one should use
{4347}{4409} in odd numbers. Be careful you should choose pebbles
{4409}{4463} in odd numbers, and not sharp ones,
{4463}{4513} to avoid cutting the anus.”;
{4513}{4580} Well, (Bukhari, Book 4, Chapter 25).
{4580}{4627} When the call to prayer is made,
{4627}{4696} Satan turns his back and farts.
{4696}{4760} He farts in order to avoid hearing the call.
{4760}{4839} So, these are traditions that make you laugh.
{4839}{4935} If I give you some, I could tell you more, it is at the same time how
{4935}{5002} to go to the toilet, how to take a crap,
{5002}{5065} how to pee, how to make love, how to eat, etc.
{5065}{5141} But there are traditions, the Hadiths
{5141}{5200} that encourage violence and barbarism
{5200}{5248} as we see them practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan;
{5301}{5376} that is they stone people, cut off their hands,
{5376}{5454} and behead them, relying not only on the Qur’an,
{5454}{5592} but also on the rules enacted by the Prophet in Medina
{5592}{5696} 1,400 years ago. And the targeted  people in these Hadiths
{5697}{5794} excuse me, are women, Jews, Christians, and atheists.
{5794}{5921} For example, concerning women, the Prophet said,
{5921}{6041} ;”I looked at Hell… and I saw that the majority
{6041}{6170} of its people are women”; (Bukhari, Book 54, No. 464).
{6169}{6259} In the Qur’an, it’s written (Surah 4, Verse 34 or Verse 38)
{6259}{6329} ;”The men are responsible over women because Allah
{6329}{6412} preferred some of you to others and you have
{6412}{6489} after if you experience rebellion from the women, you shall admonish
{6489}{6612} them, then desert them in bed, then beat them, beat them
{6612}{6843} (in Arabic…). Then we continue.
{6843}{6921} (in Arabic…), it means to "hit."
{6922}{6983} Do you know what the Muslims say to me?
{6983}{7068} ;”Yes, but look! You have the expression (in Arabic…), it means “to hit”;
{7068}{7191} give an example.”; I tell them I refer to the Hadiths from
{7191}{7264} Bukhari, Book 62, Number 132,
{7265}{7350} and look what I read. The Prophet said,
{7350}{7463} “None of you should flog his wife as he flogs a slave
{7463}{7565} and then have sexual intercourse with her in the last
{7565}{7665} part of the day.” And commentaries, Commentaries!
{7665}{7745} The Apostle was a very compassionate man
{7745}{7836} and he forbade Muslims to have relations with their wives
{7836}{7918} on the day of their flogging. It’s in Bukhari;
{7918}{8007} it’s not actually in a Saudi Arabian book, it’s in Bukhari,
{8007}{8132} in the 9th century. Al-Jazali, a mystical jurist in the 11th century,
{8139}{8212} also talks about beaten women in the book on marriage.
{8212}{8385} Also, about stealing, Surah 5, Verse 42 or 38 it is written:
{8385}{8463} “As to the thief, cut off his or her hands,
{8463}{8591} (in Arabic…)
{8591}{8650}”But,” you may say, “it’s in the Qur’an, but it’s not applied.”
{8650}{8715} What do I see? In the Hadiths,
{8715}{8783} that is the story relating to the Prophet’s behavior
{8783}{8825} the Messenger of God said,
{8825}{8912} “May Allah curse the thief who stole an egg
{8912}{9026} and has his hand cut off” (story of Abu, Muslim 17
{9043}{9183} 4185 or Bukhari 81:774). And, about stoning
{9183}{9267} (I am told Muslims lie sometimes), they say,
{9267}{9389} “But look in the Qur’an; if a woman, may I say, guilty of adultery,
{9389}{9476} she is whipped, but she is not stoned.”
{9476}{9542} This is not stoning. Stoning doesn’t exist in the Qur’an.
{9542}{9621} The only possible stoning is Satan’s stoning.
{9620}{9720} This is true. But in the traditions, in the Hadiths, she is stoned.
{9720}{9785} In the Surah, it’s true she is not stoned.
{9785}{9844} If you have found two guilty fornicators,
{9844}{9896} flog each of them one hundred lashes
{9896}{9970} and out of respect for the religion of Allah,
{9970}{10023} no indulgence take you in their favor,
{10024}{10096} that a group of believers be witnesses of their torment.
{10096}{10178} This is Surah 4, Verse 2. Then there is
{10178}{10330} (in Arabic…)
{10330}{10361} And we continue
{10361}{10573} (in Arabic…). It means
{10573}{10642} wait. You are told that the one who has committed adultery
{10643}{10698} must be flogged with one hundred lashes.
{10698}{10808} Not only that, you should not have compassion for them.
{10808}{10839} “Imagine that,” you say.
{10839}{10894} “Oh they are cute; look they are young. No, no, no.”
{10894}{10977} Not only should you not have compassion
{10977}{11002} (it is said in the Qur’an),
{11002}{11043} but there should be a group of believers
{11043}{11138} to witness their torment, their punishment.
{11138}{11211} But, Ms. Delcambre, I call this their national sport.
{11211}{11296} Wait, in the Hadiths, they talk about stoning
{11296}{11387} and plenty. For example, a woman came to see the Prophet.
{11387}{11444} She became pregnant because of an adulterous affair. She says,
{11444}{11505} “Oh Prophet, I did something that deserves a punishment,
{11505}{11570} inflict it upon me.” Oooh ! Oooh ! Oooh ! And the Apostle
{11570}{11648} of Allah told his guardian, “Bring her to me.”
{11648}{11690} Then, when she came back,
{11690}{11765} the Apostle of Allah ensured to have her clothes
{11765}{11826} well attached around her, and he ordered
{11826}{11896} to have her stoned, and then he prayed over her corpse
{11896}{11995} (Muslim 17:4207). And it’s the same thing—we have plenty
{11995}{12070} You also have another where he did it to a Jew and a Jewess
{12071}{12132} and even the one who told the story says,
{12132}{12256} (in Arabic…)
{12256}{12347} and the one who said that is Abdullah Ibn Omar
{12347}{12385} See? It’s everywhere, everywhere.
{12385}{12477} It’s not permitted in the Hadith to shed the blood of a Muslim,
{12477}{12528} except in three cases: the adulterous spouse,
{12528}{12602} the convicted murderer, and the apostate who abandons
{12602}{12678} the Muslim community. In Arabic, it’s called
{12678}{12818} (in Arabic…)
{12817}{12874} And when Ali stoned a woman on Friday,
{12874}{12931} do you know what he said? “I stoned her
{12931}{12999} in the tradition of the Apostle of Allah.”
{12999}{13084} (Bukhari 82:103). Finally, as the last example,
{13084}{13140} the Prophet had a woman stoned,
{13140}{13234} and a pit had been dug for her up to her breasts
{13234}{13364} (Story of Abu Dawud 38:4429).
{13364}{13426} Therefore, you understand when Mr. Sarkozy
{13426}{13510} had—if I can say it—shamed Ramadan by saying,
{13510}{13551} “Look, this is shameful!”
{13551}{13604} And Ramadan couldn’t do anything;
{13604}{13635} he couldn’t say anything,
{13635}{13691} since it is written in the texts. He said,
{13691}{13755} “We need a moratorium.” He was right when he said so.
{13755}{13822} We can’t remove the texts. So he said,
{13822}{13888} “At least, let’s have a suspending delay,
{13888}{13941} a standstill period,” and everyone laughed.
{13941}{14002} And we also have on atheists and heretics.
{14003}{14122} I see in front of me (in Arabic…) Atheists and heretics
{14122}{14197} were brought to Ali and he burned them.
{14197}{14284} And Ibn Abbas says, “if I were in his place,
{14284}{14361} I wouldn’t have burned them because the Apostle of Allah
{14361}{14409} forbade it by saying:
{14389}{14473} ‘don’t punish anyone with Allah’s punishment,’
{14473}{14534} (that is, by fire. Fire is for hell).
{14534}{14592} I would have killed them according to the order
{14592}{14655} of the Apostle of Allah." And do you know how? That is
{14654}{14760} That is, by either crucifying them, or using cross-amputation.
{14760}{14820} Mrs. Delcambre, if I understood correctly, we are
{14820}{14884} tolerant enough. (Laughs)
{14884}{14932} There is a last one. When the Prophet of Allah
{14932}{15023} was asked if women, children, and polytheists could be killed
{15023}{15086} during nocturnal dreams, he said,
{15086}{15167} “They are with them or among them so they can be killed.”
{15167}{15351} It’s in Muslim 19:4321 (in Arabic…)
{15351}{15418} “They are part of them." So, what I would like
{15418}{15480} you to understand is that people who are labeled Islamists
{15480}{15593} didn’t invent the texts; they didn’t find the texts in a surprise package;
{15593}{15706} they found them… that is to say, it’s|what was said by the Prophet,
{15706}{15780} and they aren’t going to play around with losing their paradise by
{15780}{15839} inventing something. It’s the same Qur’an;
{15839}{15923} it’s the same Prophet who serves as a model for all Muslims.
{15923}{16054} Some Muslims think we are fools and they undertook to hide
{16054}{16102} some of the texts so as not to scare non-Muslims.


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