Modi’s Mumbai Maha Garjana Rally, a call to vote for India★#MyJihad #FilthyISLAM Muslims #AAPCon Ramlila Maidan

Modi's Mumbai Garjana Rally, a call to vote for India

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s  Maha Garjana Rally at MMRDA ground in Mumbai on Sunday was unique for two things. First, the meeting was massive – a sea of people who constantly cheered him till the end. The discipline, the arrangements were just perfect. The next is of course Modi’s speech. His ‘Vote for India’ was indeed emotional but definitely forceful. Here is a Prime Ministerial aspirant who, unlike other political leaders, did not request the people to vote for the BJP. Instead he said four words –  Dal Se Bada Desh. Country First. This is what makes Modi different from the rest.

“Vote for India to get freedom from politics of divide, freedom from poverty, improvement in education, employment for youths, safety of women, powerful and prosperous India and for a better India,” said Modi. In these simple words he virtually gave a Congress report card of misrule and mess. Earlier, he blasted the Congress for blatantly pandering to vote-bank politics. “Congress is involved in divide and rule for vote-bank politics. This has been their specialty. They learnt this from Britishers,” Modi said. The attack was timely given the Cabinet nod to sinister Communal Violence Bill.

Modi tears into Congress, asks people to vote for India in 2014

“The problems we face won’t be solved till we free India from vote-bank politics and get it on path of developmental politics,” he emphasised. Castigating Congress for bad governance, Modi urged the people for a Congress Mukt Bharat – an India without Congress. “Development can happen if intentions are clear. Good governance is the key. Root cause of all problems is bad governance,” he stressed. Making a direct dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s “corruption bleeding India” speech at FICCI on Saturday, Modi was at his sarcastic best. “I heard the speech of a big Congress leader on Saturday. He was speaking against corruption. See their audacity. No one else can dare do this. Despite being neck deep in corruption, they spoke against graft with pretentious innocence”, he pointed out.

He also targetted the chatterati by mentioning the presence of tea vendors in VIP lounge of the venue. “The common man is a VIP for us. Times changing”, he said. Criticising the tendency of the Congress-ruled States to censor cable networks to block his public speech; Modi said he had already made it to the hearts of the people. “You can shut televisions but not hearts of the people,” he said. Modi in Mumbai, his first mega rally in western metropolis, would be remembered for the “vote for the country”. And for impending  eclipse of the Congress.

Modi at Maha Garjana Rally in Mumbai



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